Where can I buy Southeastern Mills products?

We recommend you try our product locator: https://semills.com/where-to-buy/. It will let you know if/where each product can be found near your zip code.

My store doesn’t carry your products

We’re sorry that you’re not finding our products in a store near you. We would encourage you to speak with the store manager or management team at your favorite store to see what they can do to get our products on the store shelves.

Our fans are the voice for our products and once store managers start hearing customers requesting that they want a specific product in the store that is when and how the product gets on those shelves. Every time you go in the store, keep asking. It may take you several times of asking before you start seeing the product on the shelf, but don’t give up.

We would love to have all of our products in every store across America and our Marketing team is working very hard to do just that, but continuous requests to the stores from fans like you is what really makes it happen!

Where can I buy Southeastern Mills products online?

You can shop directly on our site, semills.com, to purchase all of your favorite SEM products.

Where can I buy Southeastern Mills products in bulk?

We do not have a product locator for our foodservice items. Jeannie Wood at the Gravy Store independently sells all of our Southeastern Mills products in the retail size. They are sold by the case only. Please visit her website at www.thegravystore.com or you can contact her by phone at 800.641.8851.